Go inspire someone!

So I’ve told you the story about the july morning! Here and here. And I can tell you again and again and again.

There he was – a guy who wrote a song, a poetic song about love and the most wonderful summer month. And he had no idea, NO IDEA, that he is going to inspire sooo many people in a small country at the end of the world. Year after year young and young at heart people gatter at the bulgarian beaches on the first morning of july and listen to his song while watching the sun rising. People who have the hippie vibe or just a hippie piece in their hearts. People who are able to enjoy good music in good company.

And today I just learned that this guy, who wrote the song, Ken Hensley, won’t even describe hisself as a hippie. But in Bulgaria he stands for all the beautiful things from this era – peace, love and being happy together. Great music and great spirit! So you never know how you can inspire other people. But do the great things you have in you, bring them to the people! Sometimes you don’t really know if and why it’s good but sometimes, just sometimes you can be an inspiration you’ve never imagine you can be! Go get some inspiration! Go inspire someone!



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